Recent Activities of BAPEX

  • Exploratory Well Drilling: Salda North-1 under Rupkolpo-1 and Koshba-1 under Rupkolpo-3 Drilling Project
  • Development Well Drilling: Sundalpur-2
  • Gas Field Discovered: Sundalpur, Srikail, Rupganj
  • Exploratory Well Drilling: Sundalpur-1, Srikail-2, Rupganj-1, Kapasia-1, Sunetra-1, Mubarakpur-1 (contd.),
  • Appraisal/Development Well Drilling: Fenhcuganj-4, Saldanadi-3
  • Appraisal/Development Well Drilling: Titas-17, 18 & 27 and Bakhrabad-9 (BGFCL), Kailashtila-7 (SGFL)
  • Workover Operations: 15 wells
  • Production Augmentation by drilling and Workover: about 300 mmcfd
  • 1447 3D Seismic Survey for SGFL and BGFCL
  • 790 3D Seismic Survey on Sunetro Structure and Shahbazpur Gas Field (contd.)
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